Family of Deceased Teenager Sue Parties Involved in Fatal Car Crash.

In Massachusetts alone, there are on average 150,000 auto accidents every year. Of these car accidents, approximately 4,5000 result in serious injuries to the victims, while approximately 500 result in fatalities. The emotional and financial impact that an auto accident may have on the victim and their family is staggering. If you have been injured in a car accident, contact our Boston car accident lawyers to learn all about your legal rights and options.

On May 8, 2015, five teenage boys were driving in a car when it crashed into a guardrail and rolled over five times.   Jonathon Manolios, Emanuel Malaj and Michael Wells were all killed, while Gregory Bobchick and Joseph Narra were seriously injured.   The car, which was being driven by Manolios, was traveling between 72-82 miles per hour at the time of the crash. Everyone in the car tested positive for alcohol consumption. The driver had a blood alcohol level of .08%. Both Bobchick and Narra were charged with being minors in possession of alcohol. Bobchick was also charged with allowing an intoxicated person to operate a motor vehicle.

According to, Bobchick and Manolios began to argue and Manolios accelerated the vehicle. Then, Bobchick grabbed and turned the steering wheel, which caused them to drive off the road. Malaj’s family has filed a lawsuit against Bobchick; Bobchick’s parents, the owners of the car; the estate of Manolios; and Manolios’s parents. The lawsuit alleges that Manolios consumed alcohol and/or marijuana at Bobchick’s home, which was provided by Bobchick’s parents and consumed while they were present in the home. Furthermore, the suit alleges that the parents should have anticipated that their child was likely to cause an auto accident and that some of the parties should have known that Manolios had a bad driving history.

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