Florida Hotel Ordered to Pay a Portion of $24 Million Wrongful Death Lawsuit.

Losing a loved one is a tragic experience. The emotional damage can be severe and the economic losses are often devastating.  It is particularly upsetting when a family member dies before their time due to another party’s negligence.  If this is the case, the surviving family may be able to bring a wrongful death lawsuit against that party.  This is sometimes the only way to recover financial damages for their personal injuries.

This is unfortunately what Michael DeMella had to do shortly after marrying his wife Alanna.  The two were on their honeymoon in Fort Lauderdale, Florida and staying in the Riverside Hotel.  After checking in, Michael and Alanna went to lounge by and swim in the hotel’s swimming pool.  While walking to a nearby bathroom, Alanna was struck by a speeding car being driven by one Rosa Kim.  Alanna tragically died from her injuries shortly thereafter.

While the Riverside Hotel was not driving the car that resulted in the wrongful death, it was revealed that they were aware that motor vehicles regularly and routinely exceeded the posted speed limit in proximity to the hotel property.  While a hotel cannot control what everyone on their property does, they have a duty of care to ensure a safe environment for their guests.  A Florida jury found that the Riverside Hotel breached that duty when they failed to take the steps necessary to deter speeding on their property.  The jury awarded Alanna’s estate $24 million in personal injury damagesAccording to lawyersandsettlements.com, the jury reasoned that the Riverside Hotel was 15% at fault for Alanna’s death, and they were ordered to pay 15% of the damages, or nearly $3,600,000.

No amount of money will ever make up for losing a family member.  But if you have lost a loved one due to someone else’s negligence, contact our Massachusetts wrongful death attorneys today at (617) 787-3700 to discuss your legal options in a free and confidential consultation. Your needs are our top priority, but time may be factor, so call today!

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