Four University of Georgia Students Killed in Tragic Car Accident.

Millions of people travel on American roadways every day without incident.  They go about their day without anything of consequence happening.  There are some drivers, however, who are seriously harmed or killed on those same roads far too frequently. There are, on average, 150,000  auto accidents in Massachusetts alone every year. Of these car accidents, approximately 4,500 result in serious injuries to the victims, while approximately 500 result in fatalities. These Massachusetts auto accident statistics are staggering; however, they do not even begin to describe the emotional impact that such accidents have on both the victims and their immediate families.  Sometimes, the only way a victim or their family can begin to recover is through a skilled Massachusetts car accident attorney that can get them the personal injury damages they deserve.

There was an unfortunate tragic reminder this week of the harm and impact a car accident can have on a family and a community.  Less than a week before the school year ended, the University of Georgia has become grief stricken after four of their students were killed in a car accident recently.  Students were traveling southbound on Ga. 15 in a Chevrolet Cobalt when they struck a white northbound Toyota Camry carrying four University of Georgia students that reportedly crossed over the center line. Kayla Canedo, age 19; Brittany Feldman, age 20; Christina Semeria, age 19; and Halle Scott, age 19 tragically died as a result of the collison.

The campus has joined with the friends and families of the young girls in a vigil in their names.  According to, the crash happened a year and five days after the Georgia Southern University community suffered a similar tragedy. Five nursing students were killed on April 22, 2015 in a fiery crash near Savannah. Both tragedies serve as stark and unfortunate reminders of how quickly a car accident can turn an average day into a massive tragedy.

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