Ford Settles Personal Injury Lawsuit After Alleged Defect in Car Results in Injury And Paralysis.

When buying goods, consumers expect those goods to comply with industry standards and protocols.  Manufacturers owe a basic duty of care to their customers to provide a safe, reliable product. There are instances, however, when a product, or an entire series of products, are defective because they are unreasonably dangerous or because they were otherwise improperly made.  This can happen because safety measures were not adhered to in the product’s design in order to save costs or when there was an error during manufacturing that makes the product unsafe.  Regardless of the reason, when a product is defective and injures a customer, that customer may be able to bring a personal injury lawsuit against the seller and manufacturer of that product. This is because sellers and manufacturers are required to stand behind their products and cannot sell deficient or defective goods.

Hector Salinas filed a personal injury lawsuit after he was seriously injured in a car accident.  He claimed that the car’s design was defective and that the defect contributed to his injuries.  Salinas was traveling with his friend, Jesus DeLeon, when they came upon a sharp turn.  DeLeon attempted to make the turn, but drove off the road, causing the vehicle to roll over two and a half times.  While DeLeon sustained only minor injuries, according to, the roof above Salinas caved in, crushing him and causing severe nerve damage that resulted in Salinas become a quadriplegic.

Salinas claimed that a faulty design in the Ford Taurus’s roof was the explanation for his injuries.  Among his claims were that: Ford used a weak grade of steel; the roof was designed to poor standards; the roof was not subject to any real world testing; the roof was tested using only an outdated 30 year old standard; a former Ford engineer characterized the standard as “silly”; and the roof could barely support its own weight.  Ford offered Salinas an undisclosed amount of money to settle his lawsuit, but his damages were expected to be in the tens of millions.

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